Become a Partner for People CMM

Partners for the People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM) Product Suite offer People CMM training and appraisal services.

The People CMM helps organizations to

  • characterize the maturity of their human resource practices
  • set priorities for improving the competence of its work-force
  • integrate competence growth with process improvement
  • establish a culture of workforce excellence

How does Partnering work? What services can Partners for the People CMM provide?

Partners are organizations that enter into an agreement with the institute to provide certain services through qualified staff members (“sponsored individuals”). As a Partner for the People CMM, your organization can sponsor instructors to teach the Introduction to the People CMM course or appraisers to conduct People CMM Appraisals.

Please refer to the instructor authorization steps for the People CMM for information on becoming an authorized instructor, and the People CMM lead appraiser authorization steps for information on that process.


Apply to become a Partner here:

Detailed information for Partners for the People CMM

Get more information about partnering in our Partner Guide.