Change Request Form

Change Request

We appreciate change requests and insights shared by members of the community. We welcome your ideas about ways to update the CMMI for Development, CMMI for Acquisition, CMMI for Services, and the People CMM models, as well as their training and appraisal tools. Your feedback enables us to reflect current thinking and methods related to product development, including systems engineering, risk management, data management, business management, and process improvement.
  • Model specific - used to request changes to the model technical reports or official books published by Addison Wesley that contain the models.

    Training - used to request changes to CMMI or People CMM training courses that you have attended online or in person. These can include model training, lead appraiser training, and instructor training courses.

    Appraisal - used to request changes to the SCAMPI method definition document or appraisal kits.

    SCAMPI Appraisal System (SAS) - used to request changes and provide feedback on the SAS application.
  • Enter information to identify what needs to be changed, where the change needs to be made, and how you suggest it should be changed.
  • Enter a detailed reason why this change is necessary or how it will improve the item.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.