Appraisal Publications

Browse the Published SCAMPI Appraisal Results (PARS) site to see the achievements of companies that have completed and reported SCAMPI A appraisals. You will see the levels achieved by each organization that conducted a SCAMPI A appraisal. Organizations that conduct SCAMPI B and C appraisals are not listed in PARs.

Appraisal Reference Documents

The following documents are typically used during SCAMPI appraisals to provide detailed information about how appraisals are conducted:

We are pleased to announce that the SCAMPI Version 1.3b: Method Definition Document for SCAMPI A, B, and C is now available. This process document is used by lead appraisers and B&C team leaders to evaluate your processes and compare them to CMMI-ACQCMMI-DEVCMMI-SVC, the P-CMM, or some other reference model. Beginning January 1, 2014, all appraisal submissions must comply with this document.

The SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Body of Knowledge (SLA BOK) describes the abilities and skills required to be a successful SCAMPI lead appraiser.

Other Publications

The SCAMPI family of appraisals is based on the Appraisal Requirements for CMMI (ARC), which defines the requirements for appraisal methods intended for use with CMMI and People CMM reference models.

Announcing Your CMMI Appraisal: was your organization appraised using CMMI?
The CMMI Institute provides guidelines for announcing your CMMI appraisal.