Preparing for Appraisals

Preparing for an appraisal involves determining what you want from your appraisal, what type of appraisal to conduct, which model you’ll use, and what part of your organization you want to appraise. Working with CMMI consultants can help you to set your goals for your improvement program, select the right model, plan an appraisal, and arrange the training appropriate for your goals.

CMMI Institute Partner organizations are a great place to find consultants because they are authorized by the CMMI Institute to employ qualified SCAMPI lead appraisers, SCAMPI B and C team leads, and CMMI instructors. These consultants undergo rigorous classroom instruction, testing, and observations before being qualified by the CMMI Institute.

You can find a CMMI Institute Partner organization near you by using search criteria that includes location information and the services they provide (e.g., SCAMPI appraisal of CMMI for Services, Introduction to CMMI for Development training). Talk with several and hire the consultant that best suits your needs.

The Appraisal Sponsor Fact Sheet helps you as an appraisal sponsor (person requesting the appraisal and providing resources for it) to become an educated consumer of SCAMPI appraisal services. The fact sheet provides insight into your role and responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of appraiser in the appraisal process.

Members from your organization may be selected as appraisal team members. All appraisal team members must successfully complete introductory training for the model used in the appraisal. Find out how to fulfill this requirement for CMMI-ACQ Training, CMMI-DEV Training, CMMI-SVC Training, and People CMM Training. The SCAMPI Lead Appraiser will also provide SCAMPI Appraisal Team training to all team members to prepare them for appraisal activities.

If you are participating in an appraisal as an appraisal team member, you must register as a user of the SCAMPI Appraisal System. Your lead appraiser or team leader will provide details on how and when to register.

After your appraisal, consider sending us a white paper describing your experience. Please provide a paper no longer than 10 pages in draft form to Your submission may be considered for publication on our website.

If You Have Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about appraisals are available on a range of topics that may help you during an appraisal. If you don’t find your answer here, send an email to or call 412.282.4020.

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