CMMI Quality

CMMI® Institute is the global leader in the advancement of best practices in people, process and technology.

To this end, CMMI Institute designs and develops organizational performance models and appraisal methods; we partner with elite organizations to educate, train, and certify CMMI Instructors and Appraisers. Through our partnerships and certifications, CMMI Institute leads a worldwide network of process improvement professionals with a quality-focused culture, while ensuring the highest priority is placed on effective practices that help organizations excel.

Our internal processes drive value-centered behaviors and ensure that decision-making is based upon what is best for both the CMMI Brand and the community adopting CMMI models and methods. CMMI Institute’s employees dedicate themselves to maintaining a culture of quality through our mission, vision, and values.


To make the world work better.


The global leader in the elevation of organizational performance, the Institute provides models, appraisals, training, certification, and consulting for every company, non-profit, government, or region committed to excellence.

  • Accountable: We stand behind the work we do and the contributions we make. This is the cornerstone of our success.
  • Authentic: We operate with honesty, integrity and the highest level of professionalism in everything we do. Trust and respect is our operational foundation.​​
  • Innovative: We thrive on being creative and innovative. We are empowered to make decisions and take measured risks at all levels of the organization.​
  • Dedicated: We are unfailingly passionate about the CMMI Institute. We are dedicated to maximizing its influence and impact globally. We are committed to lifelong learning as part of our professional growth.​
  • One: We care deeply about people and recognize that employees, partners, and customers​ are our extended family who we must support and nurture. ​

As part of CMMI Institute’s commitment to quality we:

  • Maintain ethical, value-based relationships (CMMI Institute business is conducted in compliance with applicable agreements, policies, and the CMMI Institute Code of Professional Conduct);
  • Ensure procedures are in place that adequately define the expectations for work that supports or directly affects service delivery, training, and certification;
  • Train employees to take personal responsibility for continuously improving performance to understand, fulfill, and exceed customer needs and expectations;
  • Ensure that CMMI Institute License Partners and CMMI Institute Credentialed Individuals have the appropriate education, training, skills, and experience to carry out their work competently and in accordance with agreements and policies;
  • Manage data and documentation to ensure data confidentiality, safety, and integrity; and
  • Provide effective oversight of partner licenses and service delivery.

At CMMI Institute quality is reinforced through comprehensive reviews of all course and appraisal deliveries. Our performance is regularly reviewed to ensure that our conduct meets the high expectations of quality that we hold for our customers and stakeholders. View more information on quality on our Quality Communications page.