Ethics and Compliance

Upholding Standards of Excellence

The Ethics and Compliance office is dedicated to upholding the standard of excellence by establishing high standards for the work with our Partners and our authorized and certified professionals.

Code of Professional Conduct for Licensed Services

The Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC) defines appropriate standards of professional conduct for CMMI Institute employees, authorized and certified professionals, candidates for authorizations or certifications, and Partners. All organizations and individuals who provide our products or services must agree to uphold the standards outlined in the CoPC by acting with honesty, integrity, and fairness, and without actual or apparent conflict of interest. To commit to the CoPC, please click here.

Reporting CoPC Violations

Your concerns about ethical behavior and quality are important to us. If you are aware of illegal, unethical, or quality-compromising behavior, please report it immediately to the Ethics and Compliance office by submitting a Request for a Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC) Review form to The Ethics and Compliance manager will respond to your email and carefully review your submission.

Conflict of Interest

A Conflict of Interest is when two or more competing priorities, loyalties, or commitments compromise CMMI Institute employees’, Credentialed Individuals’ and Licensed Partners’ objectivity. CMMI Institute is interested in helping you to manage conflicts of interest. If you have a real or perceived conflict of interest you can seek Preventive Clarification or submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

Certification Agreement

The CMMI Institute grants certifications to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in a specific set of skills, abilities and knowledge relative to a particular technology area. Visit our Certifications website at

This Certification Program Agreement (“Agreement”) is an agreement between individuals who are seeking certification, or who have earned certification, from the CMMI Institute. The terms and conditions of this Agreement apply to (a) any CMMI Institute Certifications or Authorizations that individuals may have attained, and (b) an individual’s participation in the CMMI Institute Certification Program, including access and use of any CMMI Institute Certification Program benefit, CMMI Institute Certification Credential, or any CMMI Institute Certification Logo that is made available as part of the Program.

Intellectual Property

The CMMI Institute respects the intellectual property (IP) rights of others and endeavors to comply with all applicable US laws regarding intellectual property. We have posted this Intellectual Property Statement to inform you of our practices regarding the intellectual property found on our websites. All writings, works of authorship, technology, inventions, discoveries, ideas and other work product of any nature that are created, prepared, produced, authored, edited, amended, conceived or reduced to practice by CMMI Institute employees individually or jointly with others during their term of employment by CMMI Institute, regardless of where the work is performed or whose equipment or other resources are used, are the intellectual property of the CMMI Institute. CMMI Institute is the sole and exclusive property owner of all work products. CMMI Institute manages “Intellectual Property Rights” through Partner Licensing, Professional Certifications, and requests for Permission to use or reference such IP; see Permission below.

Working with CMMI Institute

All work done in collaboration with independent contractors and volunteers, becoming work products consisting of copyrightable subject matter, is “work made for hire” as defined in the Copyright Act of 1976 (17 U.S.C. § 101), and such copyrights are therefore owned by CMMI institute.

If you wish to collaborate with CMMI Institute, please contact, to learn how projects are managed.


If you wish to use the CMMI Institute name, intellectual property, trademarks, logos, or service marks that are associated with CMMI or the CMMI Institute, you must obtain written permission from the CMMI Institute. You may seek permission by submitting a Permission Request Form to

® CMMI, the CMMI logo, Data Management Maturity (DMM), and SCAMPI are registered marks of CMMI Institute.