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Beijing Kingden Technology Development

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TianJin WangTaiJunYue Information Technology Co. Ltd.

At WangTaiJunYue, we believe our business is to meet the expectations of your internal and external customers there by enabling your organization to build an empire of happy world to live-in and grow up the value chain in your customer’s perspective.

WangTaiJunYue offers various kinds of advisory services aligned to management frameworks like Six Sigma, CMMI, PCMM, ISO,IPD and ITSS. During our advisory services, we ensure that the product/service Quality is built-in by the core executors than being built-in isolation by the Quality Function. This ensures Quality to be the integral part of the management system. Our services are broadly classified as process consulting Services and in-house Trainings.

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ProVision Today

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Beijing Aipu Lecheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Aipu Lecheng Technology Co., Ltd. Specializes in CMMI-DEV, ITIL, ISO20000,ISO27001, Agile, Project Management and Process Improvement services in China areas, including SCAMPI appraisal services, IT training, consulting services and other related support services.

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Jiangsu Mingdao Information Technology Ltd

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IT Process Advisory Compliance & Training Services

IT Process Advisory Compliance and Training Services (ITPACTS) mission is to be best at making, building and transforming processes that enhance to assist worldwide customer’s bottom line. ITPACTS shall strive to become successful partner with its global customers and society by recognizing needs with effective and efficient manner. Also help our customers by adopting various Quality frameworks/standards and best practices for effective governance and management.

By partner approach, we deliver holistic thinking and insights helping clients in making, building and transforming their organizational processes for operational excellence through process improvements, improving performance, delivery risk optimization etc.

ITPACTS is a Process Management Consulting Organization and focuses on Strategy, Project Management, Process Improvement, Information Security and Framework based Consulting.

ITPACTS is specialize in Process Improvement, Training and Appraisal services in CMMI DEV, CMMI SVC, COBIT, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and Agile frameworks.

ITPACTS’s Consultants and Experts have proven experience and worked with many of the world’s leading organizations spanning across various domains such as Mobility, Utilities, Retail, Railways, Banking, Finance Insurance, Cloud, Automotive, Embedded systems, Manufacturing, Telecom, infrastructure and Information Technology.


  • Skills on CMMI, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, COBIT i.e. Expertise in Multi-model implementation
  • Team of certified Consultants and Lead Appraisers
  • Cost-effective & customized solutions without compromising on the quality of the services provided
  • Partnership & Collaborative approach
  • Vast experience in cultural aspects as worked in China, India, USA, UK, Europe, South Africa, Nigeria, UAE and KSA
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Shanghai Linking Network Technology Co., Ltd.

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National Quality Info-Security (Beijing) Technology, Co., Ltd.

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H&W Consulting

H&W Consulting treats clients as close partner and friends in the journey toward a great company.

We helps clients improve their processes for better products and services by focusing on meaningful outcomes such as time, effort, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our clients will be equipped with capability of agile and lean development, facilitation skills, CMMI framework, DevOps, and all other needed methodology to handle the uncertainty and risk of process improvement and change management, and we works with them closely to achieve the goal !

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Shanghai Jolmed Information Technology

Shanghai Jolmed is a consulting company that dedicated to improve software process capability, and a high-tech enterprise that integrated management consulting & training, technical advice & training, software process research, software project management tools development. We endeavor to provide the best service to our clients based on the operation principle of “Help clients to improve their organization and provide them good service everyday with meditation”.

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