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CMMI Institute

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International Business Machines Corporation ( IBM )

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Process Quality Engineering S.L.

Process Quality Engineering (PROQUA) is a Spanish company formed by highly qualified professionals with recognized prestige on the Spanish as Latin American market dedicated to the evaluation, consulting and training in process improvement models. In PROQUA we believe in process improvement models, especially the CMMI model, providing a complete suite of services to our clients. PROQUA’s Mission sustains in four fundamental pillars:

• Commitment and Responsibility in all our collaborations.

• Maximizes the benefit of our clients investments.

• Maximum quality in all our jobs .

• To help to improve the software development and maintenance processes of our clients, without compromising our independence as consultants.

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SEONTI provides Integrated Solutions for Software Process Improvement to its customers. Our solutions address Technology, Process, and People development. Our areas of expertise include Measurements and Statistical Process Control (SPC). Some of the technologies we specialize in are CMMI, SCAMPI, PSP and TSP. Our experienced personnel provide SPI Solutions to the Software and Systems Industry in English and Spanish.

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Liveware, Inc.

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The business excellence team in KPMG has many qualified SCAMPI Lead Assessors, Higher Maturity Lead Appraisers, CMMI and People CMM Instructors, 6 Sigma Black Belts and consultants in the practice. Together, we bring more than two hundred years of industry experience, wherein we have covered processes that have been written for various lines of businesses and technologies addressing different industry segments and also on the project management processes on the technologies that are prevalent in the industry today. We have carried out several SCAMPI/CBA-IPI assessments for leading clients in India and abroad. Also, the SPI team carries out consulting for CMM, People CMM, CMMI, 6 Sigma and provides training services for PSP and TSP, 6 Sigma, and Introduction to TMMI model.


KPMG in India is one of the leading providers of process improvement, risk, financial, IT and Business advisory, internal audit, corporate governance, and tax and regulatory services. With a global approach to service delivery, KPMG responds to clients’ complex business challenges with seamless service across industry sectors and national boundaries.

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IQ Information Quality SAS

IQ Information Quality provee servicios de Seguridad en Pagos electrónicos a la Banca, Procesadores de Transacciones, Comercios y Proveedores de Servicio. Somos certificadores de la norma PCI DSS (QSA) para Latino América y el Caribe. Nuestros clientes se encuentra en sectores tales como Banca, Retail, Seguros, Contact Centers, Transporte aéreo (Aerolíneas), Ventas en línea, Turismo, Entretenimiento, entre otras, en paises como Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Honduras Panamá, Venezuela y El Salvador.

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IAL Software Engineering, S.A.

IAL Software Engineering, S.A. is a company, founded in 1998, specialized in helping organizations to set-up their process improvement initiatives, from the early stages, with start-up assessments, continuing with the creation of integrated teams mixing up our consultants with the practitioners, in a symbiotic manner, to achieve efficiently the necessary knowledge transfer, in the various domains of project management, engineering, supporting processes and process management, for aligning their business goals and needs, with the daily way of doing things.Our customers range from a variety of sectors, including banking, public administrations, telecommunications, research centers, transportation, IT and aerospace.The company is specialized in managing the process for outsourcing IT services, from the early stages, for analyzing the scope and risks of the activities to be outsourced, during the planning phase, to the monitoring and control of the services supplied by the outsourcer, either in near-shore and off-shore scenarios.

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SWQuality Consultoria e Sistemas Ltda

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Crest Consulting

Crest Consulting is an organization based in Brazil offering services in all Latin America, Portugal, US and Asia. We focus all CMMI Institute’s models: CMMI-Development, CMMI-Services and DMM. We offer Training, consulting and Appraisals.

Crest conducted more than 180 CMMI Appraisals in DEV, Services and Acquisition. Crest conducted more than 50 CMMI Intro Courses.
Crest Conducted 7 DMM course: DMM Management View

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