Partner Guide: About the Partner Network

Improving Software Engineering Worldwide

The CMMI Institute came from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a federally funded research and development center. This means that at its roots, a large part of its work comes from transitioning technologies—taking what we’ve learned and broadly disseminating that knowledge in an effort to improve the state of software engineering worldwide.

Partners: A Global Reach

The SEI created the Partner Network in 1994, when the demand for its services became so great that it could no longer effectively meet the needs of the community with its own instructors and appraisers. They called on experts in the field—organizations like yours. We trained these organizations to deliver the same services, and established strict standards to ensure that each partner could offer the same quality you expect from the source, the Software Engineering Institute, and later the CMMI Institute.

What is a Partner?

A Partner is an organization that has signed a license agreement with institute to license one or more of its standard licensing products. The Partner Network is comprised of organizations globally that are tested, monitored, and licensed by the institute to provide official courses, appraisals, and services. Partners are essential to our mission because they provide the vast, global reach to help us provide our technologies out to the engineers, managers, and business people who need them. Partners are the only source for authentic SEI and CMMI Institute services outside the institute itself.