About this Guide

Are you thinking of becoming a Partner?

This guide helps you understand the benefits, terms, and tools related to participation in the Partner Network.

This guide is intended for organizations applying for or participating as a partner in the Partner Network, and describes the benefits and terms. It describes the overall global Partner Network program, but does not describe all regional or product-specific programs that may apply in your local market.

Are you already a Partner, or are you in the process of becoming a Partner?

This guide is a supplement to your partner license agreement, which is a legal contract. We may post additional fact sheets and updates to program information on the Partner Resource Center (PRC). Always login to the PRC for the latest information about your partner services. Please note that posted information is provided for convenient reference, and except for PRC materials that we designate as supplements to this guide, this guide contains the definitive, most updated statement of program benefits and definitions.

We may post additional fact sheets and program information on the PRC, and reserve the right to decide when our posted fact sheets and program information may supplement or modify this guide.

If you (on behalf of yourself or your employer) represent yourself as part of the Partner Network, or if you request, access, or use any benefits under the Partner Network program, you are agreeing to the terms and definitions of this guide under the institute’s then-current policies.