Becoming a Partner

Partner Guide: Becoming a Partner

Joining the Partner Network

Joining the Partner Network can be easy. Simply complete the online application form and agree to the Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC). If your application is accepted by the review team, you will be asked to sign the CoPC form for your organization.

Getting Started

If approved, you will receive your partner license agreement that grants you permission to use and provide official products and services. Review your license agreement with your sponsored individuals to ensure they understand the terms under which they can deliver services for you.

By becoming a Partner, you join forces with a software engineering pioneer and an institute whose credibility provides a solid foundation during uncertain economic times.

Learn more about working as a partner through the Partner Guide.

Do you already know the subject area that fits your organization? Select the appropriate specialization from the list below, or apply now.

Credibility, Respect, and Recognition

By becoming a Partner, you join an elite group of specially-trained organizations on the leading edge of software engineering processes and technologies. Your reputation gains credibility from our reputation as a pioneer and leader in software engineering.

Improved Processes and Procedures

Our Partners know and use proven technologies that yield dramatic improvements in organizations and teams. Becoming a Partner to offer these services legitimizes your customers’ improvement efforts, as well as your own.