Working as a Partner

Partner Guide: Working as a Partner


Partners are licensed to deliver products and services based on copyrighted materials maintained by the CMMI Institute.  Partners sponsor individuals to become qualified to deliver the products and services.

Initial Sponsorship

Partners can begin the sponsorship of individual candidates by having the business point-of-contact submit the candidate sponsorship form. After an individual has completed his or her certification, that individual can be sponsored by one (primary) and more than one (secondary) partners. Notification of such secondary sponsorship is accomplished through the secure Online Partner Directory (OLPD) website by the partner business point of contact (BPoC).

Change of Sponsorship

Any changes (e.g. addition or deletion), of a sponsored individual can be made via the website by the BPoC. The BPoC should navigate to the Partner’s company page, and click the “edit this profile” link at the bottom.

It is important that the BPoC removes an individual from the partner organization sponsorship as soon as it is known that the individual will no longer be providing licensed services for that organization.

Accessing Materials

Electronic access to the materials required for the delivery of licensed products and services, specific to your specialization, is provided through the Partner Resource Center (PRC). There, you will find a set of companion documents or checklists that provide requirements and/or limitations on the use of those materials.

Additionally, we may license selected courses through an e-learning platform. Any e-learning courses licensed by institute will be identified in the license. Requirements for delivery may be found on the PRC.

Usage of Materials

Use of official materials is allowed only by authorized or certified individuals (including candidates) who are using the materials to deliver the specific course for which the materials are provided, and working on behalf of a Partner.

Authorized and certified individuals are not allowed to use these materials for any other purpose, including but not limited to the delivery of courses or services independently or on behalf of organizations that are not licensed to deliver the course or service for which the materials are provided.

If a Partner discontinues its relationship with an authorized or certified individual, the Partner shall use commercially reasonable efforts to retrieve all licensed materials in the individual’s possession.

Quality Assurance

We provide a robust set of quality assurance activities for the products and services delivered by the Partners. These activities are described in more detail on the certification pages and on the PRC.  Additionally, we may conduct surveys of Partner customers who have participated in the Partner’s delivery of licensed products and services.

Audit Procedures

In the event that we audit a Partner’s activity, we will

  • Notify the partner or sponsored individual conducting the offering that an audit is planned,
  • Schedule a mutually convenient time for the audit to begin,
  • Perform the audit at no charge to the Partner,
  • Provide a written audit report, requiring corrective or remedial action as appropriate, to the Partner,
  • Within 30 days of receipt, review all responses taken and provided in writing to the institute as a result of required corrective or remedial actions,
  • The institute will determine whether the corrective or remedial actions taken are satisfactory or unsatisfactory,
  • If continued corrective or remedial actions are necessary, additional support services provided by the institute shall not be at institute’s expense and will be billed in accordance with the Partner agreement.

In turn, the Partner must

  • Within 14 days of an audit notification, acknowledge receipt of the audit notification and, if necessary, contact the institute to schedule a mutually convenient time for the audit to begin. If an on-site audit is not necessary, the Partner may be required to provide any analyses of detailed information requested by the institute,
  • Contact the organization receiving the products and services to advise it that an audit is being performed,
  • Complete all corrective or remedial actions required and submit a written report to the institute within 30 days of receipt of the written audit report,
  • If the initial corrective or remedial actions are not accepted by the institute, complete all subsequent audit corrective or remedial action requirements within 30 days of notification, and pay any fees required for the institute’s effort in accordance with the Partner agreement.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We reserve the right to conduct follow up surveys with recipients of the institute’s official products and services delivered by a Partner.