Partner Guide: Glossary

Academic Institution

An Academic Institution must be organized and operated for educational purposes, such as a public or private school, college or university, and be accredited by an appropriate government board of education or accrediting organization.

Annual Support Fee

Annual fee paid by the Partner organization for each qualified individual. If an organization is the primary sponsor of a qualified individual, then the organization is responsible for the fees owed for the qualification process and qualification maintenance for that individual. Fees vary per authorization/certification and per product suite.

Course Use Fees

Fees paid by the Partner organization for each student trained in a licensed product suite.

Intellectual Property

Any and all copyrights, data, discoveries, ideas, improvements, inventions, know-how, methods, models, patents, patent applications, processes, service marks, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, works of authorship, and other intellectual property recognized in any country in the world.

License Fees

Annual Fee paid by the Partner organization for each licensed product or course for which Partner organization has sponsored a CMMI Institute Qualified Individual.

Qualified Individual

A person who is trained, has completed the necessary CMMI Institute  process and is sanctioned by CMMI Institute to perform or deliver licensed CMMI Institute services or courses; a CMMI Institute-Authorized, or CMMI Institute-Certified individual.


An organization that has signed a license agreement with the CMMI Institute to license one of the standard licensing products.

Partner Directory

The Partner Directory is a marketing website that serves as the main way that potential customers find Partners to work with. You can find the Partner Directory pages through the “Find a Partner” search: Information on the Partner Directory will be publicly accessible on our websites. It may also be shared with new Partner applicants.

Partner Network

The Partner Network refers to the aggregate group of all Partners, and is comprised of organizations that are tested, monitored, and licensed by the CMMI Institute to provide services and courses.

Partner Resource Center

A password-protected site located at, which may only be accessed by Partners and Qualified Individuals.

The PRC:

  • contains intellectual property that you are authorized to use according to your license agreement and partner role
  • provides online submission forms for submitting data to the  CMMI Institute
  • provides conference, workshop, and symposium reports, presentations, and registration forms


Technologies or business areas specified in the Partner Guide.

Strategic Partner

In addition to the services provided by other Partner Network organizations, strategic partners are able to teach advanced courses, conduct qualifying events such as observations and certification examinations for individuals in qualification tracks, and conduct quality assurance and standardization activities in the region for the technologies they represent. Advanced courses and examinations previously were conducted only by the institute.

Web Services Fees or Organizational Fees

An annual fee that is assessed for each Partner organization for maintenance services.