Resources and Benefits

Partner Guide: Partner Resources and Benefits

Advanced Product Information

Partners receive critical information on our products before they are released to the general public, including but not limited to CMMI V2.0, which can help them to learn about products and identify sales opportunities for new product releases (“Advance Information”). Advance Information is confidential and proprietary to CMMI Institute and constitutes Licensed Materials as defined in the Universal License Agreement. Accordingly, Partners may not publicly disseminate, or make any other use of Advance Information, including in advertising, without the prior written permission of CMMI Institute

Pilot Program

Our Product Pilot Program provides an opportunity for Partners to engage with the us during the product development cycle for selected products. Partners provide technical feedback and evaluation of those selected products and services prior to release. By offering pre-release input, partners help develop customer-driven solutions. Participation helps shape the direction of development for future product and services, thereby providing customers with the products and services they need.

Collaboration Opportunities

Partners are given priority preference to collaborate with the CMMI Institute on Research & Development opportunities.

Partner Customer Relations Support

Phone and email support for partner-related as well as specialization-related issues and questions ensuring that Partners receive an accurate and timely response (usually within 1 business day).  Phone support is available at +1 412-282-4020 or via email at

Incentive Programs and Discounts

We offer rebate and other incentive programs to help motivate and reward eligible partners for certain performance activities.

Partner Advisory Board

The Partner Advisory Board (PAB), established in 2006, provides Partners with a voice in our business decisions. With representatives from Partner organizations from multiple regions and product suites, the PAB provides advice regarding our direction and activities.

Course Materials, Appraisal Materials, and Intellectual Property

All materials (course slides, evaluation forms, handouts, etc.) that Partners require for the delivery of our products and services are available on the Partner Resource Center. We provide Partners with updates, revisions and new versions–including translations of the materials via the Partner Resource Center as they become available. Frequency and availability of updates may vary across specializations and license types.

Ethics and Compliance Program

The Network Ethics and Compliance program upholds the standard of excellence by holding high standards for our work with Partners and sponsored individuals.  Two tools drive the work of this program:

Accessing and Creating Translations

Partners receive access to all officially sanctioned translations of licensed materials that become available.

If we have not released an officially sanctioned translation, Partners are permitted to create unofficial translations of the licensed materials by

  1. providing advanced written notice to
  2. including the required CMMI Institute disclaimers and notices on unofficial translation
  3. providing an electronic copy of the translated materials to for posting on the Partner Resource Center
  4. providing copies of the English-language materials to all clients, customers or students where the unofficial translation is being used

Partner Events

We sponsor various events, such as Partner conferences, workshops, briefings, product launches, and focus groups, on a regional or specialization basis to which eligible partners may be invited. Generally there is no fee to attend a Partner-only event. Certain events may be fee-based and partner-funded co-sponsorship may be arranged separately by agreement with us.

Partner Directory

Partners can list their Partner services in the web-based Partner Directory; the Partner Directory helps your potential customers find out what services you provide and check your credentials. You can maintain your own Partner information, upload your organization’s logo, and list contact information to help customers get in touch with you.

The directory also identifies partners with specific areas of expertise. Partners who specialize in a certain technology are highlighted to help customers quickly identify Partners that specialize in a particular field.

View the Partner Directory

Partner Recognition

We recognize Partners who have participated in the Partner Network for 10 or more years.  Representatives from Partner organizations celebrating 10, 15, and 20 years are honored among their peers at the annual CMMI Conference.

Partner Resource Center

Partners receive access to the Partner Resource Center, the web-based Partner portal which houses all materials that provides Partners access to the materials that are required to deliver official products and services. In addition, the Partner Resource Center provides partners with access to the range of benefits, materials and tools offered through their Partner Network participation: such as product information, marketing materials, training and Partner benefits based on package within the Partner Network. To access the Partner Resource Center, visit

Partner Identity (Logo)

As part of the Partner marketing kit, Partners receive files of the official Partner Network identity, which contains logos you can use on your organization’s website, printed materials, and other publications. You must follow the Partner Identity Guidelines when using the logo. Logos and guidelines are available for download from the Marketing Kit section of Partner Resource Center.

Marketing Kit

Partners receive access to materials to help you understand the market outlook for your licensed services and to market your licensed services to your customers. Depending on your specialization, you will receive

  • templates for announcing your relationship with us, and the addition of any new licensed technologies to your Partner portfolio
  • templates for one-page flyers that you can customize with your organization information (these flyers can be distributed at conferences and other events where you would like to advertise your services to potential customers)

Appraisal Announcement Guidelines and Emblems

We provide materials for helping appraised organizations properly announce their CMMI appraisal results, as well as an emblem indicating an appraisal. To access appraisal announcement guidelines, CMMI Partners can visit the CMMI and SCAMPI business point of contact sections on the Partner Resource Center. To request a CMMI appraisal emblem, contact

Ongoing Communication About News and Products

Partners receive ongoing communication about news, products, and services via Partner Resource Center, newsletters, email, conferences, and seminars.