Partner Guide: Specializations

Recognizing Expertise in a Particular Field

Specializations are designed to recognize partners that have proven expertise in a particular technology or business area. To qualify for participation in a specialization, a partner must demonstrate its expertise through a combination of accreditation and other measures, depending upon the specialization.

Specializations provide a consistent method by which the institute, customers, and other non-specialized partners are able to identify experts in specific areas of business. Membership in one or more specializations provides access to tools and benefits which may not otherwise be available to partners, to assist in promoting partners’ capabilities, expanding their knowledge and rewarding their business.

Specifications and Procedures for Using Licensed Materials

All Partners are required to follow the specifications and procedures required for the use of licensed materials. These can be found in the Specialization documents below and in the policies found here.

Data Management Maturity

•   Specialization in Data Management Maturity Model

Process and Performance Improvement

•    Specialization in Capability Maturity Model Integration
•    Specialization in People Capability Maturity Model