March 2017 Partner Newsletter

We are in the final year of development of the next generation of CMMI project, and activity is picking up! We want to make sure you have all the information you need to be ready to support the new version of CMMI when it is released.

We will be sharing some updates during the upcoming Quarterly Partner Webinar on April 11th, and the Partner Workshop in May will be full of information to engage you in the final rounds of development and to prepare you for release.  Be sure to register for the Webinar and Partner Workshop online (links in the newsletter below).

In addition to the upcoming events, we have also created a new webpage as a “one stop shop” where you can find updates about the progress, as well as all the materials we’ve shared since 2014.  The new site is available here ( You can subscribe to get an email anytime we post something new.

We’re so glad to have you with us on the journey to the next generation!

Katie T

Katie Tarara
Manager of Partner and Client Services

What’s New in March

Vote for New PAB Members
Business Points of Contact: don’t forget to vote* in this year’s Partner Advisory Board (PAB) election! We are using Survey Gizmo for this election, so if you did not receive an email with a voting link, please check your “Junk” folder and allow this sender to email you in the future. Voting began 28 March 2017 and will run until 10 April 2017.

*Only Partner business points of contact may vote in the PAB election.

Conference Keynote Speakers Announced

We are excited to share that the Capability Counts keynote speakers have been selected. The first keynote speaker will be Greg Williams, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA. He will discuss NASA’s human space exploration plans, their vision going forward, and future missions. Mr. Williams works to shape and respond to the policy environment in which human spaceflight programs are conducted both internal and external to the agency.

The second keynote speaker will be David Anderson. He pioneered the use of Kanban systems for improved service delivery in creative and knowledge worker businesses. He is the originator of the Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning for improved service delivery, strategy, fitness for purpose, operational management, and governance of modern businesses. He will discuss Kanban as the alternative path to agility and maturity.

Meet our new Quality Analyst

Please welcome John Ekas as the newest member of the Quality Team. John has joined us as a full-time Quality Analyst, and will work with Amanda, Geoff, and Darlene conducting quality reviews of attendee lists, SAS support, and other tasks associated with quality. John has experience in education, is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and may assist with translation for CMMI quality and training efforts.

Brian Mack is still with CMMI but has now joined the IT department as Quality Assurance Analyst. We also plan to hire an additional Quality Analyst in Q2 to keep up with the increased volume of appraisals.

Partner Advisory Board Update from PAB Chair, Kathy Smith

The Partner Advisory Board (PAB) met at the CMMI Institute for a 3-day workshop in March, with much of the agenda focused on reviewing the Partner Survey results and prioritizing actions.  We were very pleased with the participation in the survey – over 70% of the eligible individuals (474) and partner (277) organizations responded to the survey and many supplied comments with suggestions.

Many of the responses asked for more communications – from both the CMMI Institute and the PAB, particularly in the areas of next generation and quality.  Based on PAB recommendations, the CMMI Institute is considering smaller email bulletins, including a focus in these areas.  Responses also mentioned problems with SAS and difficulty finding information on the CMMI website.   The CMMI Institute now has an IT development team in place, and is working to address these issues.  The SCAMPI Appraisal System (SAS) is being revamped as part of the next generation of CMMI and future communications will include a roadmap for the SAS improvements.

In the meantime, did you know that if you can’t find something on the CMMI website, you can click on Contact Us at the top of the page to reach the CMMI Institute Help Center and then submit a request?   When you enter a Subject, you’ll see suggestions for links – try entering “policies” or “renewal”.

The PAB is also working with the CMMI Institute to communicate consistent standards for QA Reviews, share lessons learned among LAs and Instructors, and look at options for Regional Groups and Events.

We will be sharing more information about the survey results at the CMMI Partner Workshop in May.  See you there!

Next Generation Update

For Your Information:

It is crucial to the success of the Next Generation of CMMI that our Partners are aware of what is happening with the project.  To that end, we have been sharing updates about the Next Generation project since the start of the project through webinars, email updates, and Partner events.  The Partner Resource Center has been home to the Next Generation Information Portal since 2015, and we’ve posted materials and updates there regularly.  Still, on the recent Partner survey, many of you requested more and better information about the project.

So, today we are launching a new site at  This webpage includes all of the content from the info portal, as well as FAQs and other high level information.  We want to make this resource as useful as we can for you, so please take a look and share your requests for additional information and resources that we can add to make it more valuable.

We will update the site regularly with improvements and more information, so please subscribe to the Next Generation Update page at

Ways to Get Involved:
Next week, you will receive an email invitation to participate in the second release of next generation of CMMI content for community review.  In May 2016, we released the discussion draft of the full model for review. The discussion draft included only the normative material in the model, only the practice statements.

Release 2 will include the revised outline of the complete model as well as the full content of the Estimating Practice Area.  We will provide a PDF with general information, links to the model content, and mechanisms to share your feedback.

Please remember, you must complete a Volunteer Agreement to participate in any review activities related to next generation of CMMI.  If you have not completed a Volunteer Agreement, you will be able to do it as part of the Estimating review.


Register Now: 11 April 2017 is the next Quarterly Partner Webinar
The webinar will be presented twice to make it possible for all our global Partners to take part. Please register for the time that works best for your schedule:

If you missed the last quarterly Partner webinar in January, all Partner webinar recordings can be found in the PRC (

People CMM Training

The CMMI Institute is offering a People CMM workshop consisting of Intro to People CMM and Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying People CMM over 6 days May 8-13 in Alexandria, VA. This is only available to existing certified Lead Appraisers and Instructors who are interested in adding the People CMM constellation.

The course will take place the week before the conference and special pricing is available if you are attending the conference:

Price of the workshop: $6,000 (Intro People + Applying People)

Price of the workshop if attending the conference: $5,000

If you are attending the conference and wish to get the discount, you will need to have your conference registration paid before you will receive the discount. Contact for details.

Link to register:

Link to application:

Book your room for Capability Counts and the Partner Workshop!
The Capability Counts 2017 conference (16-17 May) and Partner Workshop (18-19 May) will be held at The Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia.

Be sure to register for the conference and Partner Workshop here and to book your hotel to get the discounted room rate. The group rate is only available until April 24, 2017.  Subject to availability.

Announcements, Policies, Resources, and Reminders

Quality Update: SAS Users Guide

The CMMI Institute Quality Team is happy to announce publication of the new and improved SAS Users Guide. The latest version of the document provides hands-on direction on the use of the SCAMPI Appraisal System (SAS) for Lead Appraisers, B&C Team Leaders, appraisal sponsors, and appraisal team members. The guide can be found in the Business Point of Contact, LA, and BCTL sections of the Partner Resource Center (PRC)

The Partner Advisory Board and CMMI Institute have identified and discussed SAS errors identified often during appraisal reviews, as well as difficulties commonly reported in requests for helpdesk support. We hope that the updated Users Guide can help to address these issues, and improve the user experience for all SAS account owners.

End-Of-Course Survey Message for Instructors

Instructors, thank you for reminding students to complete the End of Course survey. This survey is available in 12 languages, typically takes 10 minutes, and is mobile-friendly. The language bar at the top of the survey will show all language options.

All instructors should receive their individual feedback immediately after it is submitted by each student.  Instructors who teach a large number of students may want to set up an email folder for survey feedback and route all email from Survey Gizmo to that folder to review at a convenient time.

Aggregate data for all instructors is posted in the PRC quarterly.

Instructional Methods Message for Instructors:

Any Instructors who took CMMI Instructor Training before 2012 and have not taken the Learner-Centered Orientation course (renamed to CMMI Instructional Methods) will need to take the two-day CMMI Instructional Methods course in order to move from V1.3 instruction to next generation of CMMI instruction. This course is available now—notably with two courses being offered around the Capability Counts 2017 conference and Partner Workshop.

See the calendar for upcoming course dates (Use the “Find By” filter to see only Instructional Methods courses):

Completion of this two-day course allows participants a deep understanding of learner-centered instructional strategies as related to the design and usage of all course activities in current (version 1.3) CMMI courses. Not only does this course add value to instructors who are updating from course version 1.2 to 1.3, it also serves as the transitional (methods) training that students will eventually need to take prior to teaching CMMI Institute’s next generation of CMMI training offerings.

Website Link:

If you are unsure if you have completed the necessary trainings, please send an email to to confirm.

We’ll Waive your Appraisal Fee when You Use a Candidate ATM

Several prospective candidate lead appraisers and instructors need to gain experience as an appraisal team member (ATM) before they can move ahead on their path to certification.  If you use one of the interested ATMs from our list, we will waive the $900 appraisal fee for the appraisal on which the ATM participates. Details can be found here:

C-Suite Level White Paper
This white paper positions capability as central to managing organizations in the current, highly dynamic economy. It includes case studies and results from the online self-assessment tool. We recommend that you use this tool when working with your clients—current or prospective. The white paper is available in the PRC Marketing Kit folder (


The COBIT 5/CMMI Practices Pathway Tool provides business IT practitioners with guidance on how to deliver additional value to stakeholders by strengthening process designs. The tool and instructions are available in the PRC under “Resources” or “Administrative” (

Resource for CMMI and Agile

The CMMI Institute published A Guide to Scrum and CMMI:  Improving Agile Performance with CMMI to help users adopt and implement CMMI to improve performance in agile organizations. Download the Guide here:

New Resource Translations Available: “What is CMMI?”

The “What is CMMI?” document is now translated in into Mandarin Chinese and Spanish and is available in the PRC Marketing Kit folder

Name Change: CMMI Institute, LLC

CMMI Institute, LLC is now our official legal name. Formerly, CMMI Institute was the “doing business as” (DBA) name for Clearmodel, LLC. Our tax ID number remains unchanged. This will not affect any payments that have been sent, but please make all future payments to “CMMI Institute, LLC” moving forward. If you have any questions, please contact


Remember: You can access Partner Network news and join the conversation at any time when you join the CMMI Institute Partner Network Group on LinkedIn:

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