November 2017 Partner Network Newsletter

I am writing this month’s note from Beijing, China, where a CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training is underway.  I am here, along with Dan Torrens and Kent Hu from the institute, to meet with Partners, end users, trade associations, and government officials over the next week to begin sharing with them about CMMI V2.0’s upcoming release.

The CMMI V2.0 preview  continues in January with a keynote by Kirk Botula at the annual OPEX (Operational Excellence) Week in Orlando, Florida to kick-off promotions in the US.  We’ll be sharing more plans about the marketing of CMMI V2.0 in the January Partner webinar, including how to work with us to bring CMMI leadership to share CMMI V2.0 with your customers.

2017 is on track to be another record year for CMMI appraisals globally.  We look forward to riding that positive momentum into an even more successful 2018 with you!


Katie Tarara
Manager of Partner and Client Services

What’s New in November

CMMI V2.0 Project Updates: Guidelines for using CMMI V2.0 Intellectual Property

CMMI V2.0 materials have been shared with CMMI Institute Partners for your information only.  We have designated the materials that can be shared (in the designated format) with individuals beyond Partner agreements. As we prepare to officially release V2.0 to the public, please note that:

  1. CMMI V2.0 (including draft materials) is confidential and proprietary to CMMI Institute.
  2. Partners may not reference or use CMMI V2.0 information or materials in advertising or otherwise without CMMI Institute’s prior written permission, and must immediately cease all such current use.
  3. The Resources and Benefits page of the Partner Guide has been updated to further clarify this, effective immediately.
  4. Inappropriate use of our intellectual property (IP) could result in decertification and/or revocation of Partner Agreements.

Supplier Agreement Management for Community Review

The CMMI V2.0 Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) Practice Area is currently available for community review.  The decision to include SAM in the March 2018 release with CMMI for Development V2.0 was made after the earlier rounds of community review, so this review is only for SAM.  The deadline for this review is Friday, 1 December. All Partners received an email last week with information about the SAM review, but you can also find information about the SAM review here:

Please remember that you can find project updates, information about upgrade training, and more at

Training and Certifications Updates

The full 2018 Training and Certification schedule is posted on the website.  Click here to view the Course Calendar:

In addition, the  V2.0 upgrade trainings scheduled for Reston, VA are filling up fast, so if you plan on attending please register soon.

New DMM Marketing Material:

We have a new Data Management related marketing piece available to download and share with your clients. We hope you find this white paper, Why Analytics Fails & How To Fix It to be useful:

Upcoming Events

Sign up: Partner Workshop and Capability Counts 2018

Register now for next year’s Annual Partner Workshop (30 April) and Capability Counts conference (1-2 May) at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia. Partners will need to register for each event separately.

Partner Workshop registration:
There is no cost for the Partner Workshop, but registration is required.

Conference registration:

All CMMI Institute Partners are eligible for the conference discount rate of $1,299. Once you’ve filled in your contact information you will need to select your Partner organization from the drop-down list in the registration questions to secure the Partner rate.

Next CMMI Institute Quarterly Partner Webinar: 9 January 2018
Please register for our next quarterly Partner webinar on Tuesday, 9 January. The webinar will be offered at 10 AM and 8 PM U.S. Eastern time and will cover updates from CMMI Institute around operational and strategic support topics, and, of course, CMMI V2.0.

Register here

In case you missed the last one, October’s Quarterly Webinar recording as well as prior webinar recordings can be viewed here:

Announcements, Policies, Resources, and Reminders

Recent Quality Update Email

All CMMI Institute Partners received an email (subject “Quality Update November 2017”) from Darlene Moore, Quality Manager of CMMI Institute with several updates from the Quality department.  If you did not receive this email, please contact us at and we will resend the message.

Quality Tip: Document Review

Allowing sufficient time for thorough document review is one of the most important pieces to planning an appraisal. This month, our Quality Tip discusses how to scope your time allotment for this appraisal activity, as well as factors and alternative techniques to consider.

Have Appraisal Questions? Contact CMMI Quality

Unforeseen problems and difficult situations can arise when planning and delivering an appraisal. When you, your appraisal sponsor, or a member of your appraisal team have on-the-spot questions or concerns about the model or method, please always remember that the CMMI Institute’s Quality Team can be contacted (Ph: 1-412-282-4020; Email: for assistance.

Reminder: Upgrade Training Changes

Based on the feedback and experience of the students in the first class of V2.0 upgrade training, the CMMI V2.0 team has changed the requirements for Lead Appraiser and Instructors to upgrade your certifications.  The CMMI V2.0 Upgrade requirement will not be fulfilled for certified individuals with an elearning course, as originally planned.  Instead, students will have to attend a two-day in-person course before taking the Instructor Upgrade Workshop and the Lead Appraiser Upgrade Workshop.  This change will affect the Upgrade course planned for January 2018 in Orlando, Florida and the Upgrade courses planned for April 2018 in Reston, Virginia, immediately before the Partner Workshop.

Students who are already registered for these courses have been notified of the change.  There is no additional fee to take the two-day prerequisite course, but it is required before taking the certification upgrade workshops.

CMMI Institute plans to offer in-person upgrade training courses around the world to lighten the burden of travel for our Partners.  The full schedule for 2018 will be announced by the end of 2017, but no additional courses will be offered until after the Partner Workshop in April.

Appraisal Team Members will be able to take the elearning version of the CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training  course to participate in V2.0 appraisals.  The elearning is scheduled for release in March 2018.

Reminder: Additional Resources to Prepare your Clients

Now that the first CMMI V2.0 courses have finished, the word is getting out about CMMI V2.0.  We’re glad that you and others want to share the excitement about the coming improvements to the model.  If you plan to do more of this, we ask that you use these guidelines:

  • When talking about the release timeline, you can share that CMMI V2.0 will be launched in March 2018 with the CMMI for Development model, updated appraisal method, new training courses, and guides for adoption.
  • Focus on the improvements and new value provided in CMMI V2.0.  You may want to use the PowerPoint slides available here:
  • For organizations currently using CMMI for Development V1.3 that want to begin planning for their transition to CMMI for Development V2.0, you may download and share the PDF of the draft outline of the model.  CMMI_V2.0_Outline_For_Partners

This is still a draft version as the final disposition of comments has not been completed. Please note that you may not create derivative materials using the CMMI V2.0 content and you may not point your clients to Partner-only materials.

  • If you are talking about CMMI V2.0 in social media, please use the hashtag #CMMI2dot0 (Including the “.”  In V2.0 will break the hashtag.)
  • You can point interested parties to the new CMMI V2.0 landing page to sign up for updates.  We’ll share public updates with that list as we move toward launch. sent to this list will also go to Partners, so you don’t need to sign up to get the messages.

Do you need ATMs for an upcoming appraisal? Or are you looking for an opportunity to serve as an ATM?

Several prospective candidate lead appraisers and instructors need to gain experience as appraisal team members (ATMs) before they can move ahead on their path to certification.  If you use one of the interested ATMs from our list, we will waive the $900 appraisal fee for the appraisal on which the ATM participates. Details can be found here:

Remember: You can access Partner Network news and join the conversation at any time when you join the CMMI Institute Partner Network Group on LinkedIn:

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