CMMI High Maturity Case Study Library

Partner Advisory Board: CMMI High Maturity Case Study Library

Real Stories from Real Companies

The Partner Advisory Board’s High Maturity Working Group has established a library of case studies by companies that are performing at high maturity levels. It is our hope that these case studies will help shape the discussion of high maturity—the community of CMMI users needs insight into actual examples of high maturity implementation in order to discuss these practices in comparable terms.

High Maturity Case Studies

Creation and Use of a Simple Performance Model

Publication date: October 2011

This case study describes real life data from a Chinese provider of financial software. It shows the breakdown of metrics, gives a detailed walkthrough of this project’s performance model, and explains its use in project management. The linked presentation gives context and overview, the case study review form shows typical questions a lead appraiser might ask for in addition, and the Excel shows the performance model.

Creation and Use of a Simple Process Performance Model

How it Works

All case studies undergo a thorough review process that includes collaboration with at least two high maturity lead appraisers from the Partner Advisory Board’s team.

Case studies must be actual examples from organizations. Organizations can choose to remain anonymous.

All submissions must include a mapping of the case study to the CMMI practices/criteria on the review template.

For each of the review criteria addressed in the review template (e.g., practice, HM Audit criteria), the submitting organization must identify the location in the case study a particular criterion is addressed and whether it is addressed fully, partially, or not at all. This information will be used as a starting point for the reviewers to validate and provide comments. Any discrepancies will be coordinated with the reviewing organization prior to publication.

Submit Your Case Study

  1. To have your case study considered for publication, follow the steps below.
  2. Read the guidance document.
  3. Complete the review template.
  4. Send your completed case study to
  5. Complete the case study release form to grant the CMMI Institute permission to post your documents in the High Maturity Case Study Library. Documents will be published after they are reviewed; published versions will include reviewer comments and any changes you make during the review process.
  6. Case study reviewers contact you with questions, requests for clarification, or notification of approval.
  7. Your case study, including reviewer comments, is made available in a public repository within 2-4 weeks.