Entinex, Inc.

We’re an operations performance consulting firm. By scaling Lean and Agile to the Enterprise Level, we address a very important equation:


Capacity __ Demand


How do *you* finish this equation? Is it with a “greater than?” (>) a “less than?” (<) or an “equal to?” (=) ?


This equation speaks volumes about your operation’s performance. How you deal with the equation determines your success. We’re looking for clients who are *serious* about improving their business’ performance.


By effectively dealing with this equation you carve a path towards being a high performance operation. What’s more, any external compliance demand becomes a mere by-product. This is true of an environment, traditional or agile, and any market or industry.


Entinex is the world-wide most experienced and recognized authority on using CMMI and Agile together. Having published on and worked with agile before any other entity. Including the SEI. (This isn’t marketing it’s fact. Google it.)


High performance operations is a journey. A motivation to make your business the best place to work, the best value to your customers and the best return to your stakeholders. We can help you get there.


Serious inquiries appreciated.

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Hillel Glazer

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300 E. Lombard St., Suite 840,
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